Oh yes, this will work. I know what, I'll go out and print a load of cards with my details on them. No fuck that, I'll use horrible orange thick paper - it worked for that Selios easy bloke. Man plus Van, yeah, that's catchy. And then, and this is like the best bit, right. This is my master stroke. You know like normally, people just post them cards through letter boxes, will that just annoys people right and so it just goes straight in the bin. Yeah, well that's not for me, oh no. I'm gonna stick these things all over people's doors. Really wedge them into any little gap I can find. And I'm going to do the whole street. After that I can just sit back and wait for the phone to ring. Ker-ching.

Yeah, well you know what Mr Man-with-a-Van, YOU'RE A BASTARD & YOU PISSED ME OFF.

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Anonymous said...

These bastards really piss me off and give me the fucking arsehole. Drive your fucking van and stop sticking your card in places you shouldn't. He can stick it up his ass tho, fucking cunt!