Yauatcha, a rather swanky restaurant that serves up fine Chinese food at a price. Not that I'm complaining, I know what they charge and I like their food, so it's my choice, right.

On my last occassion, it being a hot day and me being a vaguely health-conscious sort of fellow, I had with me a bottle of mineral water - something that would appear to be deeply offensive to the staff of Yauatcha. I hadn't even sat down at the table, before....
"You can't drink that water here."
"I wasn't going to."
"Can I take it please."
"I'll look after it for you, while you dine."
"Can I see the manager?"
The manager comes over.
"I'm sorry, we don't allow customers to drink their own water."
"I never said I'd wanted to."
"I can look after it for you."
No need, I'll stick it on the floor, if you want it out of sight."
"You might drink it."
"I won't."
"We don't allow bottles of water on the table"
"Not even one of your expensive, fancy glass ones."
Shit, I knew I had lost by mentioning expensive. It was meant to elude to their greed. But I could see in his eyes, he heard, 'I'm not drinking your water, it's too expensive." Bugger. I handed over the water. I ate. I got my water back. I scored a small victory. Now along with the water on the table rule, there's a no camera rule.




Don't let the bastards get you down

If I didn't blog here, this would be me



I like sushi. It's a great meal. So, well done Japan, I salute you. Not so Samurai, a small chain of fast food sushi restaurants. Let's be honest, it really isn't the best sushi in London, but it's reflected in the price, so you get what you pay for. Which in my case was 4 pieces of nigiri, a single hand roll and a miso soup. Your average lunch site portion I'm sure you'll agree.

Back at my desk I lunched. At the end of lunch I was left with

One man (angry). One lunch (average portion). One huge fucking amount of rubbish. Is this necessary? Is this wanted? Is this smart? Is it fuck. This is worse that McDonalds. Worse than the British Government not taxing carrier bags. Worse than wrapping a banana in cellophane before selling it.... Actually, hold that one, it's exactly the fucking same as wrapping food in cellophane. I will never go there again. NEVER. Because YOU'VE PISSED ME OFF, YOU BASTARDS.