I reckon that somewhere deep in the bowels of Westminster Council there is an office where dark thoughts are allowed to be voiced in the name of extortion. Let's call them the Committee for Extortion. I know it's not a clever title, but where's the profit in spending time on committee names? Time is best spent working on ways to rip off the general public. And this ladies and gentlemen is their latest scheme. Suspend a motorcycle bay, but put the suspension notice on a lamppost thirty or so feet away.

That's what 10-12 parking tickets? It's a license to print money that's what it is. Every bike in the bay got a ticket, including mine. Well, you know what, YOU BASTARDS PISSED ME OFF


Nathen said...

The No To Bike Parking Tax lot are trying to gather together as many stories like yours to bring a class action against Westminster City Council for harassment, have a read about it here

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

They are fucking bastards, no fucking wonder your fucking pissed off. Get the police on them!