Got this in my inbox today (do click on it to enlarge it). Begs the question, why? Why me?

I just don't understand. Nothing about me, my company, or any company I've ever worked for is the slightest bit related to insurance or solicitors, or 0800NoWinNoFee, or even Nigerian Insurance scams. A google search of me will show I'm as far removed from these industries as anyone can be. Nothing in my email address would lead to any confusion. So all I can think is is a complete and utter arse.

The email includes a phone number, so I called it, you get a number of choices all of which end up on an answerphone, although for all intents and purposes it would appear to be a proper company. Feel free to ring him if you like. 0870 760 6321. if you do, please tell him HE PISSED ME OFF, THE BASTARD