I've just started a business and so needed to open a bank account. One of the easier tasks, or so I thought and off I went to NatWest. Why? Cos I've had an account with them for nearly 20 years now and everyone said it was easiest to do with a bank who know you.

So, off I go looking to book an appointment. Certainly, they say, Rapinder, our new business account guru, will call you this afternoon. Did she? Go on, have a guess. You're fucking right. Next day she calls, we book an appointment. I turn up. She doesn't show. But now I've got her number so I call her, she apologises and tells me she can't do the next day but Nadia can and she's every bit as much a new business account guru. So we agree on a time and Rapinder says she will pass on the details. I turn up. Nadia doesn't.

Well done NatWest for consistency.

I call Rapinder, I get her answerphone. For 5 days I call her. By day 2 I didn't actually want to talk directly to her, but I figured she would find it annoying, not as annoying as turning up for appointments with people who don't, but you have to work with what you've got. I now just wanted her to pass on my number to her boss and get him to call me. Of course I never got a reply. Just her answerphone. So I went else where. And if you're in the market for a business account I suggest you go else where too, because Rapinder and Natwest are BASTARDS WHO REALLY PISSED ME OFF


There I was visiting a bookshop just to look and touch the books really I know it makes odd but I find the whole experience so much nicer than looking at jpegs of the covers and knowing that some prat in Texas only thinks it's worth 3 stars because of the lead character doesn't wear a stetson, or something equally stupid. Plus, and this is a big reason I like bookshops over the online experience is that I enjoy the exploring and discovering aspects, trouble is you find shit like this. I mean I can understand 101 places to visit, I can just about get my head around 101 dishes to eat, but this! Whoever came up with this idea is a BASTARD, who really PISSED ME OFF