Here is the reason I started this blog. One Sunday morning I bought my newspapers here, Williams on Tottenham Court Rd. 'Put the change in the charity tin' I cheerily shouted as I left, for all was good with the world. And then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw the shopkeeper slip the money straight back into the till. Now, what was I meant to do, tell him to show me the contents of the charity tin and identify which coins were my change? Call the police? Punch him? No, I just said nothing. As I walked down the road seething with anger I came up with this idea for a blog, so Mr Shopkeeper, I thank you, but you should know, YOU BASTARD, YOU PISSED ME OFF!


Picklin Paul said...

Quite right - what a bastard. But as John Lydon so astutely pointed out 'anger is an energy'so nice to see you putting your energies into a great blog.

I wanted to create a 'Mother Fucker's Day' when you could send cards to people who pissed you off. I just couldn't work out how to get the bastard's addresses.

AngryMan said...

Thanks, PP, I love Mother Fucker's Day idea too. Maybe a range of cards that are left on window screens and on desks like valentine's day cards might work. Hmm, you got me started.

vero said...

great blog mate, you should be proud of made my day