I don't smoke. Never have, not really. I do remember a time when I found myself behind a bike shed or somewhere and being told this white stick with the brown end was the answer to not being cool. It tasted shit and I coughed a lot, so fuck cool - I think was the end result.

And I'm glad I did. Especially when they started putting those really big warnings on the sides of packets. You know the kind of thing - SMOKING KILLS. SMOKING WILL GIVE YOU CANCER. SMOKING WON'T MAKE YOU COOL. Pretty conclusive stuff in my books.

So to smoke right now, with all that we know about it is down right fucking stupid.

The only thing even more stupid is selling these in a joke shop that is full of kids. The shop is in
Spitalfields Market and I forgot to take a picture of it's name, but it's there all the same and they should know, YOU HAVE PISSED ME OFF, YOU BASTARD.