Is there really any point in me saying anything? Other than, YOU PISS ME OFF YOU IGNORANT BASTARD.


Obvious, yes. But no less fucking annoying for it.

I've never bothered to read these before, but today I did. I know it's meant for dumbass Americans (Yes! You Georgie-boy). And I know there's plenty of them about, but how many of them are this dumb? (Okay Georgie-boy, other than you?).

A complete stranger writes to tell you, and this is a direct quote, I kid you not:
Don't you challenge take your eyes off this morning.
When this St0ck moves... LOOK OUT!...

Stock sign: FCTOA.OB
Corporation name: FACT CORP
Present cost: 0.76
1 year cost increase: 500%
1 month price increase: 145%
5 day cost increase: 59%
This is perfect stock symbol to double or triple your saving. It is just a peace of cake for each investors.
Check the stock history on Nasdaq and you won't have any suspicions about that stock.
Compelling, I'm sure you'll agree. So now all they need do is pick few well-chosen words to close the deal. And these are the ones they picked:
Apparently, whatever they are, they drive really safely! The horse was reported to have suffered a hoof injury yesterday. From Earth's vantage point, only Mercury and Venus transit the Sun, because these are the only planets inside Earth's orbit.
Really gets you reaching for the phone to sell your google shares, doesn't it. Well, you know what, YOU ARE REALLY PISSING ME OFF, YOU BASTARDS


I've been laid low, so not much has pissed me off other than fucking germs, actually there was a commercial, but I wanna get a shot of it before entering it here. Anyways, shopping for stuff I don't need I came across this t-shirt from a great company called, Howies.

It's a lovely warm feeling when you know you're not alone at being PISSED OFF BY BASTARDS.