When I was growing up, and it wasn't that long ago, parks and pushbikes went rather well together, after all it made a lot of sense, there were no cars, the grass was soft and so it was generally thought of as a safe place to cycle, but that was a different time. Now we live in a city that would rather use the limited police it has to spring traps on unsuspecting cyclists at 7am and mug them , after all there's a £30 fine to be dished out. The perfect crime. Well, you know what, YOU BASTARDS PISS ME OFF. Oh and you, you on the right. YES, that is you in the picture, and YES I've published it and NO, I didn't seek the permission of the Royal Parks Junta first. So, whatcha gonna do about it?


Kev said...

If that's the Royal Parks Police ....... WHY are they issuing "Metropolitan Police" Stop Notices??
Are they impersonating the MET?? Isn't THAT an Offence??

Anonymous said...

He was probably ,trying to sell you a bath plug,that he had accidemtly put on his expences,while trying to find his second home

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Oswin said...

Haven’t ‘they’ already done something about it? For which I am grateful, as I’ve had enough of bloody cyclists endangering my life when out taking a leisurely stroll.