Some books seem to me to be better without them. Like cookery books. Like the one above. But this post isn't about cookery books or dust covers, it's about the hardcover underneath.

Say, like me, you've made the decision to remove the cover, what do you find? I'll tell you, you find the same sodding picture as the one you've just taken off - only now you can't remove it.
Oh, sorry, you mean you didn't want our photo cover? WELL TOUGH SHIT, live with it

If I wanted the picture I'd have kept the dust cover on, wouldn't I? But I didn't. It was because I wanted a plain cover. Any colour, I don't care about the colour, I just want a plain cover. Is that really too much to ask? It's publishers like this that REALLY PISS ME OFF, YOU BASTARDS.


Anonymous said...

OK I think you are now losing it. For heaven's sake, its a dust cover. It would annoy me if there was no picture.
You are mad. Most of the time I agree with your "issues" like idiot face only listening to black music. That also means he doesn't appreciate Take That, Girls Aloud and Michael Jackson.

AngryMan said...

I think you miss the point, it's not about dust covers, it's about what goes on underneath them

But you're right I am mad.

Interesting debate on MJ, do you think the idiot face liked him once?

Anonymous said...

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