Got this is the post today. Well, I didn't, it was addressed to my 4 year old son, but he's only 4 and can't read, so I opened it. It's a brochure for cashmere tops and cashmere leggings and cashmere scarfs and cashmere hats and cashmere stuff, oh and a free cashmere rabbit if you spend over £100.

Now, let me repeat that again.

My 4 year old son got sent a brochure for expensive cashmere clothing. They seem to think that he might want to spend over £100 on such items and that the offer of a cashmere toy will close the deal.

Well, Boutique Enfant, let me put you straight on one or two things. He doesn't get that much pocket money and he's not interested in your expensive clothes, not least because they don't have spiderman knitted on them. So all you've managed to do is PISS OFF HIS DAD, YOU BASTARDS

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